11 year old Rachael Alieu assists Mogbwemo Queens to Sierra Leone championship glory, as Buja Queens crowned champions in Burundi

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History was made when the Mogbwemo Queens were crowned as champions of the maiden Women’s Premier League in Sierra Leone on Friday, 31st March 2023. History was also made when at just 11 years old, Rachael Alieu achieved the dual landmark of being the youngest ever to play and youngest to win silverware in the history of the Sierra Leone top-flight leagues for the male and female categories, respectively.

Mogbwemo Queens were crowned champions of the inaugural Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League in front of a excited crowd in Rutile. Mogbwemo completed their season with a second-half goal from Rashidatu Kamara to seal the championship title against Correctional Service.

In Burundi, Buja Queens were crowned champions in a final day 4-0 victory at Bon Avenir to claim the title by one point over runners up Fofila, who ended the campaign with a similar score line over Les Lionnes.

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