About the WoSo Collective

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The WoSo Collective was established in 2021 to give those outside traditional journalism roles a space to collaborate and network, to grow as content producers while simultaneously growing interest in women’s soccer globally. With the radical shift in the media landscape, we think it’s time to revisit what a media outlet is, and can be.

We must be up front that at this time we cannot pay for any content, as the site is operating at a loss. However, it is our dream and goal that as the site gains popularity and followers, we will have opportunities to monetize, break even, and eventually turn profits to pay contributors for their work.

The goal of the WoSo Collective has remained unchanged from 2021: To serve as a hub for all people in women’s football journalism to share their work, collaborate, and network within the women’s soccer space, as well as to collectively grow audiences around the world.

What we propose is:

  • Allowing those who join the WoSo Collective to post excerpts of their work to the site with links to full versions hosted elsewhere. 
  • Assisting creators who don’t yet have a place to host created content to either connect with outlets to post their work, or by posting it directly on WoSo Collective’s site.
  • Putting content in front of wider audiences across women’s soccer by amplifying content via the WoSo Collective social media channels.
  • Putting content creators in touch with resources they may not have access to, such as video editors, copy editors, and others with experience in creating and producing content.
  • Assisting content creators in identifying a network of team press officers around the world, as well as agencies and players.

If you’re interested, get in touch with us at thewosocollective@gmail.com.

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